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 Stealth Boxing FAQ

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PostSubject: Stealth Boxing FAQ   Mon Oct 12, 2009 10:16 pm

This is a good way to build up everything you need, like uridium, credits, ammo, gate energy, minerals (via cargoes), and more. You should be able to make over 3,000 uridium and 300,000 credits in an hour.

What you need:
- Any ship (i use leo)
- Clo4k mod - under extras, costs 500u (you can bid for it too, or the 10 version)

- engines for speed
- promerium - even more speed
- some shields are good

Then you start collecting Bonus Boxes (BB's).

The cloak should keep you safe even if enemies are around, however still play it safe, as you can be seen on the minimap.

- locate good sections with lots of boxes, they respawn fairly quickly so you can clear an area, move to another area (or system) then jump back and repeat.
- look for cargo that has been left (don't steal it!), refine and get promerium to up your speed thru upgrades.
- if you are in enemy territory, by all means steal the cargo!
- you can hide in a group of npc's, sitting on a devolorium is a good way to remain unnoticed if enemies are around.
- work on upping your ship via best engines, shields, lasers, and extras. you can never lose these things and they will go on any ship you own.

- learn the maps, navigation skills honed, especially when you go fast
- you will amass a ton of ammo of all kinds
- fun times when you do get chased (only time i've died was when i was deep in enemy territory, had an fe goli chase me 3 systems, then he got me)
- you get galaxy gate energy which will give you: 1) more ammo, 2) repair credits, 3) extra hit points, 4) xenomit, and 5) gate parts
- fun to watch battles you wouldn't get in normally (but will eventually...!)
- everything you own, you earned in game. (nothing wrong with other methods, just some of us are

All aspects of this method will benefit you in the short and long term. Also, it's not too boring to do. I make over 3k uri and 300k credits in an hour. It has a small bit of risk to it which you can adventure out into if you want, i.e. enemy baiting, enemy cargo stealing, exploring. It helps to have a goal to work towards while you do this. I am working towards a full fe vengeance (fastest ship) at which time i will continue to do this, but get some stealth pvp in, too.

In conclusion, a great way to get your resources and skills up while you work towards the goal of fe and can stand with the elite players.

have fun!


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PostSubject: Re: Stealth Boxing FAQ   Wed Oct 14, 2009 9:00 pm

hi lol! k read the whole thing
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Stealth Boxing FAQ
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