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 how i feel now...

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PostSubject: how i feel now...   Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:01 am

heh, when i first started, i was, like everyone, super nooooob, getting blown up on an hourly basis, by friends, enemies, streuners, radiation, i think a bonus box even killed me once... lol. I felt bad, but got over it and vowed to protect noobs everywhere. Weeellll, now i got me a few lf3's, good ammo, drones and speed and it's a different story. I regular hunt the noobs in 1-3 (at 2am they are delicious, dying with nary a whimper), also if i see an enemy goli with low hp, i am lock and load (4T). Is so much fun, i think we should get some roaming parties up and venture deep into enemy territory. All you need is 500u to replace ship or repair credit you can get from a bit of farmin bb's (galxy gate energy gives repair creds sometimes). Anyways, i'm just sayin i'm headin to the enemy territory more, like today with ad and slaya.

p.s. i'm thinkin a speed setup is essential for this, allows you to choose your battles, and if we were fast and deadly, that is Airstrike.

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how i feel now...
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