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 Hi All, It is GalaxcyQuest

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ôDMô GalaxcyQuest

ôDMô GalaxcyQuest

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PostSubject: Hi All, It is GalaxcyQuest   Wed Jan 27, 2010 10:24 am

Hi i am Galaxcy Quest
i Play Sea FIght and DarkOrbit
I am the Creator of The Darkorbit Mythbusters
i have been friends with airstrike for a long time.
i am lv 11 my age is 11( admin PLEASE DO NOT BAN ME)
i know your teamspeak and i have one look on the filter in Darkorbit Mythbusters and i am there
lol look at this youtube video. oh and also Have A good day! teamspeak adress
I am A SUPPER NOOB IN DarkOrbit. I die Alot. i am the king of halo tho.
Neo:It is a world That can always be hacked.
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Hi All, It is GalaxcyQuest
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